Joshimath Tour

Uttarakhand also known as the abode of Gods, ‘Dev Bhoomi’, amidst the magnificent snow-capped Himalayas and silently flowing rivers, boasts of many pilgrimage destinations. Joshimath is one such place founded by Shankracharya among the four centers or piths.

Joshimath is a halting-place for pilgrims going to Badrinath. Tour to Joshimath can be a very exciting journey as you travel through the roads enjoying the scenic beauty around. Surrounded by natural beauty a temple of Narshimha, dedicated to Lord Vishnu is found in Joshimath.

To the south of the temple of Narshimha is a roofed edifice having a stone cistern with two brass spouts. These brass spouts are known as Danddhara and Narshimha Dhara. Between these sprouts, there are idols of Lord Rama and Sita also made of brass.

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