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Hardwar town is the gateway to the abode of Gods. The mythological and religious importance of Hardwar is well known. The 'Kumbh' and the 'Ardh Kumbh' fairs are held periodically, every twelveth and sixth year in Hardwar, when a large number of pilgrims and devotees converge to commemorate this divine event. According to astrologers, the 'Kumbh Fair' takes place when the planet Jupiter enters Aquarius and the Sun enters Aries. According to mythology, 'Devas' (Gods) and 'Asuras' (Demons) churned the ocean to obtain Nectar and when the coveted 'Kumbha' (pitcher) of Nectar (Amrita) which gave immortality was obtained from the depths of ocean, one of the 'Devas' whisked away the 'Kumbha' from the 'Asuras' and evading from the 'Asuras', stopped at four places viz. Hardwar, Allahabad (Prayag), Nasik and Ujjain before he finally arrived into the safety of heaven. A few drops of Nectar are supposed to have spilled over on the water at these four places and sages, saints and pilgrims started periodically to flock to each of these 'Tirthas' to celebrate the divine event. In fact , it is a unique event that blends religious and social features alike.
Rishikesh is surrounded by scenic beauty of the hills on three sides with Holy Ganga flowing through it. Located in the laps of lower Himalayas, this place is considered to be the access point of three other pilgrim places of Badrinath - Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri. Rishikesh is famous for its yoga sessions that are taught here by many yoga experts (yoga fair held annually in February). Beatle's Paul Saltzman drew inspiration from this place and visited the place in 1968 to learn Meditation and Yoga. One can go for trekking, river rafting and excursions to the Valley of Flowers. One can also visit Devprayag the junction of the Alaknanda and the Bhagirathi rivers. Dehradun, Haridwar, Mussoorie and Chila sanctuary are within reachable distance from here.
Placed amid the icy covered Himalayan Mountains, Hemkund Sahib is an attractive Lake which is a holy destination for the Sikhs and Hindus. Situated close to Govindghat in Uttaranchal district, Hemkund Sahib is enclosed by seven snow-white peaks, and fairly on the point of the lake places a Gurudwara and a Laxman Temple. Hemkund sahib tour is the tour of Hemkund Sahib Lake with impressive natural beauty of Hemkund. Hemkund sahib destination is well known for the Sikhs Guru, Guru Gobind Singh. The greenery and wildlife of Sikh shrine Hemkund sahib is almost unbelievable and full of peace. After it, the Hemkund Sahib Lake is the mother of the yellow-green flower famous as the Brahma Kamal and the Lotus of the Gods. And the place is a place of natural and wild beauty- and solitary of Sikhism’s principal holy places. Hemkund sahib tour flies from Delhi for Hemkund sahib via Haridwar, Joshimath, Govind Ghat, Ghangaria, Hemkund Sahib, Pipalkoti, Rishikesh and again in Delhi.
As the legend goes... in the mahabharat, while on their Himalayan Pilgrimage, the Pandavas decided to pay Homage to Lord SHIVA. But Lord Shiva was not interested in meeting them as they were guilty of Gotra Hatya. Seeing the Pandavas coming, the Lord disguised himself as a Bull. But the Pandavas saw through Shiva's disguise. Viewing that his disguise had not worked the bull tried to plunge himself beneath the ground. But Bhima was swift and held on to the hind legs of... the bull, thus preventing it from vanishing. In the struggle that ensued different parts of Lord Shiva's body appeared at various places in Kedarnath. With the forelegs showing up at Pashupatinath in Nepal, the rump of the bull at Kedarnath, the torso including the navel ... at Madhmaheshwar, the Arms at Tungnath, the face at Rudranath, and the matted hair of Shiva at Kalpeshwar.